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Snow Prairie Holiday Ale

Settle in for the season and fan the flames of holiday spirit with Snow Prairie Holiday Ale. A taste of our special brew is akin to finding the essence of Christmas captured in a bottle. Filled with the warmth of home and the joy of holiday cheer, our ale promises to be an enchanting addition to your celebrations.

Snow Prairie Holiday Ale shines with a holly-hued amber effervescence that fills your glass with festive radiance. Its rich, creamy, off-white head invites you into a world of comforting aromas and intricate flavors that perfectly epitomize the winter season.

The magic of Snow Prairie Holiday Ale is revealed as soon as it hits the palate. Warm, lustrous tones of cinnamon, nutmeg, and clove sweep over your senses, reminiscent of age-old holiday recipes. The sweetness of the malt complements these spices, creating a harmony that echoes beautifully in every sip. Subtle undertones of fruit and honey add complexity to the flavors, making each mouthful a new discovery.

The finish leaves a lasting impression, with just the right hint of hoppy bitterness to balance the sweetness. It ends on a note as satisfying as the festive gingerbread cookie finishing the Christmas meal— lingering, comforting, making you yearn for more.

Snow Prairie Holiday Ale is more than a beverage; it's an exclamation of joy, a toast to togetherness, and a celebration of the season. Whether you're gathered around the crackling fireplace or snuggled under the starry winter sky, let our ale fill your holiday moments with warmth, delight, and a perfect blend of your favorite Christmas spices.





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