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Fort Sidney Porter

5.4 %




Step into a world of rich, malty flavors and tantalizing aromas with the Fort Sidney Porter. Brewed with passion and perfection to provide a heavenly taste that resonates with every sip, this porter is an ode to the true beer aficionado! Reveal those hidden layers of roasty goodness that flows through the essence of our premium-quality grains. Uncover the subtle notes of cocoa that blend into a smooth finish which whispers the tales of the tradition and heritage that the Fort Sidney Porter represents. An easily approachable darker, medium-bodied beer with a nice balance of malty sweetness and bitter hoppiness that pays tribute to the rough, US soldiers that resided in the Sidney Barracks in the late 1860’s. This military outpost protected the Union Pacific Railroad track layers against the threat of hostile Indians. The Fort Sidney Porter reminds us of a time when men were tough and their beverages were tougher.

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