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She's Sidney’s most notorious mistress, the head of the “Daughters of Sin” and the “Sidney Siren.” Madam Boots was known for her saloon girls. She and her girls ran the taverns of Sidney, dancing and entertaining the travelers that passed through the area. With nightly shows and petty crimes to follow the “ladies of the line” robbed their customers blind. Madam Boots and her 200 plus girls made thousands of dollars during these times. Even when the railroad made its stake in the town and sent most of her saloon girls running, she still had her fortunes. Much like our sour beer, she lured people in with her sweet scent of wild berries and citrusy lemon aroma. This Tangy Sour puckers your lips and keeps you coming back for more...just like her!

Madame Boots' Very Berry Sour





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