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Current Selections

We take pride in offering a variety of beers, each reflecting our dedication to quality, taste, and memorable drinking experiences. At Boss City Brewing Co., we deeply believe that the best drinks aren't just made, they're crafted with passion, expertise, and an unwavering commitment to quality. 



In the wide and colorful spectrum of craft beers, we've carved out our own niche, driven by an irresistible blend of quality, creativity, and taste. 

Lawless City Lite

This cream ale is our flagship beer. An easy drinking, refreshing beer fermented with our house ale yeast strain. We call this beer our “Busch Light” converter. We use Simcoe hops which gives this beer a slight touch of citrus that finishes smooth.

ABV:  5%    IBU:  17

Peachy Blonde Ale

Get ready to indulge in the ultimate summer beer experience with our Peachy Blonde Ale! This light and refreshing beer is infused with a subtle peach flavor that perfectly balances with the Azacca hops.

ABV:  4.9%    IBU:  10

Gold Miner's Wheat

During the Black Hills Gold Rush in the late 1870-1880’s, Sidney became the southern stop for miners traveling north into Deadwood, South Dakota. Locally sourced honey and the citrusy tang of blood orange creates an extremely refreshing beverage that is perfect to cap off any activity from a busy day of mining, to playing 18.

ABV:  5%    IBU:  17

Hot Shot Hefeweizen

This refreshing and effervescent beer is inspired by the traditional German Hefeweizen, with a twist of citrusy pop at the end. Savor the flavors of clove and banana in this easy-drinking beer that goes down and fast. Don't miss out on this exhilarating experience!

ABV:  5.1%    IBU:  13

Brakeman's Amber Ale

This classic beer boasts a rich, high malt character and just the right amount of caramel notes. It's the perfect choice for anyone who loves a smooth, flavorful brew that's not too bitter. Centennial hops add just a touch of citrus. ON TAP EARLY JUNE!

ABV:  5.2%    IBU:  24

Fort Sidney Porter

Uncover the subtle notes of cocoa that blend into a smooth finish which whispers the tales of the tradition and heritage that the Fort Sidney Porter represents. An easily approachable darker, medium-bodied beer with a nice balance of malty sweetness and aromatic hoppiness.

ABV:  5.4%    IBU:  31

El Bandito

Cashmere and Meridian hops add notes of lime and citrus that transcends your tastebuds to the shores of Cabo San Lucas. So, grab a pint, take a sip, and let our El Bandito Mexican-style lager whisk you away on an exciting journey of distinctive flavor and a crisp, clean finish.

ABV:  5%    IBU:  15

Hickory Square Hazy IPA

Our Hickory Square Hazy IPA is not overly hoppy, has a smooth, silky mouthfeel and finishes with a bouquet of vibrant citrus and tropical notes. Make Boss City Brewing Co.’s Hickory Square Hazy IPA, and our town center, your first stop!

ABV:  6.2%    IBU:  20

Wild West IPA

This West Coast IPA keeps the bitterness in check, just like the fearless cowboys who found peace in the vast open plains. A rich brown hue and a full mouth feel will lasso your taste buds into a thrilling ride. Saddle up and relish every sip of the Wild West IPA, where the spirit of the frontier awaits in every pour!

ABV:  6.3%    IBU:  50

Prairie Heat Raspeno Ale

Embrace the unexpected, tantalize your taste buds, and dive into a daring beer adventure with our Raspberry Jalapeño Ale - the perfect blend of sweet fruitiness and spicy edge. This audacious brew captures the vibrancy of summer berries and the fiery twist of jalapenos, creating a unique flavor extravaganza that will keep you reaching for more.

ABV:  5.4%    IBU:  15

Madame Boots' Very Berry Sour

She's Sidney’s most notorious mistress, the head of the “Daughters of Sin” and the “Sidney Siren.” Madam Boots was known for her saloon girls. Much like our sour beer, she lured people in with her sweet scent of wild berries and citrusy lemon aroma. This Tangy Sour puckers your lips and keeps you coming back for more...just like her!

ABV:  5%    IBU:  17

19th Hole Wheat

Sip on sunshine and savor the joy of the game with our special brew, Hillside 19th Hole Wheat. Fresh, juicy tones of tangerine take center stage, its sweetness, and slight tang playing off the wheat's mildness to create a beautifully balanced flavor.

ABV:  5%    IBU:  21

Raspberry Seltzer

Our Raspberry Seltzer is refreshing all year round but best enjoyed on those 80 degree summer days on the lawn mower or at the lake. Bursting with the tart flavor of raspberry, the bubbly mouth-feel and crisp finish will not disappoint quenching any thirst, anytime. 

ABV:  6%    IBU:  0

Mango Seltzer

The mango seltzer is refreshing all year round but is delicious on those days spent on the beach or mowing your lawn. This seltzer is bursting with sweet overtones, floral, botanical notes, and the bubbly mouth feel of the carbonated seltzer. Mix this seltzer with the raspberry seltzer to make The Big Boys’ favorite drink, The “Manberry” seltzer.

ABV:  6%    IBU:  0

The Boss City Shandy

ABV:  5%    IBU:  17

The Boss City Shandy is where the world of hops meets the blissful burst of lemonade, creating a truly unique beverage that circumvents conventionality with delicious audacity. We pour our Lawless City Lite over ice, top with lemonade and garnish with a lemon slice. Each sip is unforgettably crisp, clear, and clean, culminating in a cool and refreshing finish.

The Outlaw

Introducing our groundbreaking creation - The Outlaw! The combination our Lawless City Lite beer topped with tomato juice that contains a complex array of spices and seasonings. More than just a drink, it's a taste sensation that bold adventurers and discerning beer enthusiasts will appreciate.

ABV:  5%    IBU:  17



We serve our Boss City Mules the traditional way - in a chilled, copper mug. This enhances your experience by keeping the cocktail colder for longer while intensifying the flavors and maintaining the drink's iconic fizz.

Boss City Mules

Classic Mule                        $12.00

Irish Mule (Whiskey)             $12.00

Top Shelf Mule.                    $16.00

Our Mules are served in 25 oz., hand-made copper mugs by Handlebend in O'neill, Nebraska. First we combine two shots of vodka with your favorite mule flavors (see below).  Then we fill these massive copper mugs with ice, top off with ginger beer and garnish.

Boss City Mule Flavors

Blackberry                           Peach

Blood Orange                       Pineapple

Cucumber                            Pomegranate

Jalapeno                              Watermelon

Key Lime                              Wild Berry

Mango                                 Wild Strawberry

Passion Fruit                         Raspberry

Popular Mixed Flavors

Pineapple  &   Mango

Pineapple  &   Pomegranate

Peach  &   Mango

Watermelon  &   Wild Berry

Raspberry  &   Jalapeno

Key Lime  &   Mango



Our cocktails aren't just drinks; they're experiences. And they are best enjoyed in our thoughtfully designed, welcoming ambiance that adds an extra layer of enjoyment to the cocktail-drinking experience.

Boss City Cocktails

Boss City Cherri-Limeade

Classic Margarita 

(Option to add any syrup flavor)

Sidney Sunset


Bloody Mary


Vodka Spritz 

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